Sunday, July 20, 2014

Adventure in Publishing

Now that my book, NELSON TELSON - The Story of a True Blue Blood is published, it appears the pressure is on for me to maintain a blog as a good marketing practice, so that's what I'm doing.

What an adventure! I am enjoying the ride, just like the book's main character Mariah Miller as she flies over Bug Light on the cover.

When I decided it was time to publish, I created a modest  Kickstarter campaign back in May, 2014.  During that time I went into overdrive giving the book a final vetting, creating the watercolor painting for the cover, formatting the book and cover, so I'd be ready to roll it out at the end of the 27-day campaign.  During that time I employed the social media matrix to spread the word.  I was stoked when the campaign ended and my project was 415% funded.

Using Powder Horn Press, my local printer, I was able to create a special edition book that has a little color feature that the books produced by Amazon's CreateSpace don't have.  These are the books I am distributing as rewards for my Kickstarter backers, and selling as signed books.  I love keeping this piece of the action local, and Powder Horn does great work.

I am now in the process of preparing my media packet for the book so I can start marketing to schools and such.  Stay tuned for my next installment: Author's Q&A.

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