Friday, October 10, 2014

Banned in Boston

So, how’s an independently published author supposed to go about garnering a few reviews in her home city?  My family has been in the Boston area since 1633.  I went to school in Boston.  I even consulted on the Boston in a Box board game, and appear in the credits.  But when it comes to getting the Boston Globe and Horn Book to take a look at the work of a home girl, all bets appear to be off.
            The email I sent Nicole Lamy, Books Editor at the Boston Globe, and a fellow Emersonian no less, has been ignored.  I’m guessing the media packet I sent her is moldering in the slush pile.
            After stirring up Roger Sutton at The Horn Book, and even getting him to admit that not all self-published books are terrible, I still can’t get a review!
            These so-called gatekeepers have everything locked up so tightly. They’ve secured the realm of publishing with the barbed wire of old-school rules and timeframes to keep out the independent riffraff at the expense of readers everywhere.  It is ironic that those whose job is to bring good books and the love of reading to the public are refusing to acknowledge some really good books that are as much a benefit to humanity as “traditionally” published works.
            If you’ve read Nelson Telson, and wish to recommend it to Roger, feel free to respond to this thread:
            If you’d like to see the response to the letter in my last blog post, you can read it here:

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