Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My low tech fitness band

 Last night I read a wonderful blog post by Lucky Lady LaFrance about how she is using her new fitness band to count her steps into a more physically fit new year.  First, I need to thank Erica for being an inspiration to me to make my own blog a little more physically fit, colorful, and lively.
   Mover and shaker that I am, I have been employing my fitness band long before the electronic ones were ever invented.  Erica posted a picture of her band displaying a red line that tells her when she hasn't been moving around enough.

Mine has the same function.  I call it the Oyster Not-So-Perpetual.
A cherished treasure of the salad days, I have been using my Oyster Not-So-Perpetual fitness band for nearly 20 years.  This is how it works, or doesn't:  I wake up in the morning and put it on.  When I take my daily run, I refer to it as "winding my watch."  If I don't move around enough, my Not-So warns me by slowing down and losing time. How's that for a fitness band? It exudes both beauty and functionality.  If I fail to wear it, it stops altogether, silently demanding my attention.  It's a lovely piece of jewelry that tells time, sort of.  One thing it never fails to do is to remind me of just how grateful I am for all of the abundance in my life. And thanks to Erica I was reminded of its value to my own low tech fitness routine. 
In addition to that, I am also reminded that I need to employ the social media matrix more broadly. So, please follow me on twitter and instagram and make sure to visit Lucky Lady LaFrance's inspiring blog.

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