Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Time flies!

Just posted this to my kickstarter backers, so I'll share it with you:
Wow, it's been a year since Nelson Telson took off, thanks to your support.
Although I've probably given away as many books as I've sold, some amazing things have happened. I have come to understand that the book fits right in to the country's STEM girl initiative - as a means to excite girls about careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  I have found out that, to quote Lars Helgeson, "It's a means to set the 'spiral curriculum' in motion, introducing topics that children will grow into all of their lives." Cool, eh?
Lars and I are working on a curriculum.  Nelson Telson will be required text for Life Science for Elementary School, T&L 472, at University of North Dakota, Fall 2015, where we will continue to develop and test the curriculum.  Meanwhile, I make the activity pages - and prepare to go to the International Literacy Association conference in St. Louis in July. My biggest challenge right now is revamping my brochure so that it speaks to the STEM thing, the curriculum, and especially teachers, with the promise that all that testing and Common Core stuff is supported by Nelson Telson.

Without the actual curriculum ready to roll out, I am taking a leap, and flying on a wing and a prayer, spending money I don't have, but knowing it's already a done deal with the universe.  How's that for faith?
I made a sticker to give out with the brochure in St. Louis.  Want one?

Time is relative, but those monthly bills have their own unstoppable life cycles... When I lament that things aren't moving as fast as I'd like, my son reminds me that CocaCola only sold 2 bottles their first year.  
Holding the course.  Sailing uncharted waters. Grateful for amazon reviews and any promoting and sharing you do.

Many thanks!

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