Tuesday, October 27, 2015

31 Days - Day 26 - Pathology

"Pathology #1" 8.5x8.5 pastel on prepared matte board

If you look at a lot of art, you'll notice that many artists, especially landscape painters, are drawn to certain scenes over others.  Some really dig trees, others mountains, big dramatic skies, ocean waves, etc., and they paint them over and over again. I happen to be a stream and path person.  They draw me in, and make me want to travel them. Paths are inherently enigmatic; they draw the eye to a place beyond the painting, a place where imagination happens. I've painted this path many times.  Here's one I did while teaching a class. Everything was so green I asked my students to choose other colors than the ones they saw.
"Fauve Path" 9x9 paste (sold)
And since we're talking paths, this is one of my all time fav paintings. 

"Path of Least Resistance" 9x12 pastel (sold)
Yikes, I started looking around for path paintings and I have done so many!  Here are a few more.
"Wolf Moon" 11x11 pastel on suede matte board

"Path Overcast" 9x12 pastel on prepared matte board

"October Lane" 12x18 pastel on Kitty Wallis (sold)

There is no end (ha ha) to the possibilities when it comes to painting paths.

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