Thursday, October 8, 2015

31 Days - Day 7

This is a very interesting process.  Because I made this commitment, it's not just a commitment to painting daily; it's a commitment to blogging daily, too.  Wow, that first week went by quickly!
The real artwork I did was to clean and sort 3 years' worth of pastels I use for teaching.  I ended up leaving as many shards aside as ended up in the boxes.  I'm saving them all just in case.  I consider this a work of art.
Then I made a silly underpainting and I doubt I'll go any further with it.  It was in a dream I woke up with, though the church in the dream was a white one, not the stone one, and instead of Leyden Street it was a green hill, but what the heck...I think of it as Leyden Street Hootenanny.
Who knows if I'll ever do anything with this.

Then I decided to commit to 4 or 5 studies of the same scene which is a hybrid of a few pictures I'd taken of marshes.  I think I'll call the series "Streaming."
4 of the 5 sketches

Then I made this underpainting for Day 8's painting.
Underpainting for Streaming #1

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